Running Round the Table


Report from Sky News***

EMP Weapon tested on Salisbury Plain?

Reports recently received suggest that a large scale Electro-Magnetic Pulse has knocked out electrical system across the south of England.

Confused reports have come in stating a blinding pillar of light rising from Salisbury Plain knocked out electrical systems for a hundred miles.

We are awaiting an update from the government.

Vicky Stone was having a particularly bad day. Stonehenge had seemed like a nice enough place to visit on a sunny day – until the place had gone crazy as a group of crazies had attacked the place.

During all the runnign and screaming she had been sure she had seen a person of what looked like darkness kill a man in front of her. She’d run then. She’d tried to be faster than other people – remembering something about tigers as she did.

Then had come the pillar of light – at first she thought it was a nuclear bomb or something until she realised it had not exploded but was just sitting there swirling into the sky. Then it had got worse – a giant ship came out of the ground? Thats really hard to rationalise away. Then it seemed to disgorge zombies that poured out onto the A303 alternately attacking people and alternately being reduced to roadkill until the whole raod was consisting of pile-ups.

She’d spent the next two hours sat up a tree as ‘zombies’ gurgled up at her.

The helicopters had turned up after that – she’d imagined soldiers shooting zombies – that was there.

She’d not been expecting the bald guy with huge axe that piled into a huge mob of the dead and looked like he was enjoying himself. Or the red haired girl who kept shooting them in the head with a bow and arrows.

It was all just a bit too much to take. Passing out in the tree seemed the most sensible choice at this time.

Thr bald guy with the axe eventually wandered up to tree and blinked in surprise at the lady sleeping. Clearly this was very suspicious activity given all the threats that had happened so far today. He was about to chop the tree don and smit the obvious creature of evil.

“Valentin, what are you doing” a voice said

“Ahhh, Caitlin my dear.” He turned round to face the redhead that Vicky had seen earlier. “This is clearly some sort of trap or creature. People don’t go sleep in trees. I am going to smite it before it can spring the trap.”

“Umm, it doesn’t look like a titanspawn!” she replied peering up at the figure. “Are you sure!”

“Yes!” he nodded emphatically “The most devious traps are always the most innocent looking circumstances. Besides we have already seen vile treachery today – how do we know this is not more of the same?”

“Maybe we can capture it? For Ambrose’s zoo!” she suggested.

“Is not zoo. It is Titan Warfare research centre.” he stated matter-of-factly.

“Hmm, maybe if we get a net and zap it? Where’s Ekaterina when you need her?” she looked up at the sky searchingly.

“She is at the Stones with Nathan and the new guys.” he said not taking his eyes off the ‘monster’ “Have you met them yet?”

She shook her head.

“Ambrose has a TV show being made about one of them – he says I can’t be in it because it is fiction. I don’t get it.” he continued.

“Umm – ok then. Quick here come the troops – we’ll get them to sort this out.” she turned to face an approaching group of soldiers.

The first one came up to the pair and saluted.

“Sir Percival, Lady Kaye. The area is secured and the remaining civilians are being evacuated. What are your orders.”

Caitlin indicated the person in the tree behind them

“We’ve identified a potential titanspawn for capture. Secure the asset and transport it to Avalon. We will proceed to the Stones. Carry on.”

The soldiers watched them walk off. Then they looked up at the person.

“Has anyone got a net?



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