Running Round the Table


From BBC News

Cruise Liner Disaster

Reports are coming in that the Cruise Liner SS Zelbess was crippled and sunk by an as yet unexplained explosion in the Carribbean last night. So far only thirty survivors have been rescued. Rescue efforts are ongoing.

The Palace of Sakokushiro, Takmagahara

Tosogare fell towards earth…

It had started with a scream from the Royal Palace. Tosogare, Stalwart of the Dusk, had sped to the scene to find an ever expanding sphere of darkness emanating from her Queen’s chambers – it had seemed like it would envelop the entire Palace before it abruptly vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

Dashing to her Queen’s side, Tosogare had averted her gaze so as not dishonor her mistress in a possible time of vulnerability, but she had not needed to fear.

Ohiru-menomuchi-no-kami. Omikami. Tensho Daijin. Amaterasu.

All of these were mere words and incapable of describing the shining fury of the being before her eyes now. Minor Kami cowered from the Sun Goddess’s wrath but the Salwart of Dusk was no mere spirit and looked where she was bidden.

She watched the events unfolding below on the mortal plane. She saw her beloved foster-cub lying slain at the feet of his own brother, dead trying to take his own mother’s power. The other ingrate spawn of her mistress even now tried to do the same thing. Draping himself in a cloak of shadow so dark that it burned Tosogare’s vision.

Tosogare felt rather than heard her mistress’s words, burning like the very heat of the sun into her mind as she hurtled to earth like a falling star.

“One of my sons slays another?” Tosogare had watched over Kane from the time he had been born – she had been as much his mother as anyone

“Your brother has coddled my child long enough.” Tosogare looked down at the earth where she saw her brother Shiranui looking back to her

“Both have defied my authority, bring them all before me to face my judgement.” Tosogare’s journey down to earth was as though a burning star had fallen from the sky.



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