Running Round the Table

Old Friends

Mystery Disease hits Bournemouth University

A recent outbreak of an as yet unidentified disease has claimed the life of several university students. Initial rumours that it was Meningitis have been disproved but no identification has come through yet. All classes have been suspended and students have been advised to stay in their places of residence.

Dr Evgenia Pallas looked at the subject seated on the other side of the glass in the secure room. Unlike his brother his wounds had healed normally and although he certainly could not be best described as sane, he was at least coherent.

What he had told them so far was quite promising.

“Can you tell us more about this herb you discovered? Is this what saved your brother?”

The figure laughed.

“You can’t call that saved? I couldn’t save him – all I did was stave off his death. He should have died! That would have been merciful!”

Pallas looked down at her notes – scientific analysis had come up with nothing to indicate how, why or even if this herb worked. But the evidence in front of them seemed to suggest it. Carruthers had apparently dropped the younger one from at least one hundred feet up and shot the other one repeatedly. Yet they were still alive.

“So you claim that this herb that you discovered in Knossos 3000 years ago has kept you and your brother alive inside ‘The’ Labyrinth with a group of Minotaurs and that you and you brother are the sons of Daedalus. Mr Walter, Michael… let me be clear your brother is a very sick boy and you have concoted this elaborate escapist fantasy to cover up the fact that you lost your parents in a fire last year. We have proof.” She tossed a bunch of photos and police reports into the tray connecting the two rooms.

That should keep Ambrose off the scent for a little bit.

Evgenia knew that this was a flimsy facade but it could buy her enough time to secure the herb and return it to her mother before her allies found out about this.

No mortals should have access to this sort of wonder.



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