Running Round the Table


SO I decided to collate the various Scion soundtrack items I have used over the course of the game:

The Main Theme of our Scion Campaign
Speaks for itself really – suitably epic and just the right tempo

Leo’s theme
Alternately light and broody suggesting the duality of his nature and soaring and sweeping indicative of flight

Jacob’s theme
Born of two cultures? Check! Dreadful parent issues? Check! Would not get in a fight with ever? Check!
Suitably broody with an awesome orchestral mix

Manny’s Theme
Not Pirates, but carefree with a darker drum accompaniment. Seems light but you would not fuck with

Leo takes to the skies
A mixture of guitars, maracas and choirs lends an airy action theme that screams “I’m beating the shit out of things at Mach 2”

Jacob’s tranquil fury
When Jacob gets going he gets fairly focused on his task, this track just keeps accelerating from the beginning – bit like him

Manny the Implacable Man
Manny does tend to roll the unstoppable man thing – this track works quite well to that and works well with his earlier theme tune

Gods and Grasping your heritage
What one needs when learning your origin and the crazy relatives you have is a suitably epic and uplifting score until you reach that crescendo

They crawled up and we smacked them back down
They are Titanspawn. You are Scions. You hit them hard to a suitably exciting soundtrack to allow for epic slow motion sequences at times

Escaping the Labyrinth
Giant Minotaurs. Insane flying boys. Stupid farmers who won’t leave their shop. You need a tense fast-paced theme to keep up with that

Oh shit it’s all going on at this place – we need to call on epic choirs and soundtracks to have a hope of keeping up with this fight.

The Knights/A glimpse of your future
Oh so that’s who you lot are. Have you made your mind up about joining yet?

Roll Credits
You have to have a good theme for the last bit



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