Nathan Kingsley

Arthur of the Table


Nathan is the head of the scions who have taken the identities of the Knights of the Round Table.

He has taken on the role of Arthur to lead the country in preparing it for the Titanswar as he does not feel that the gods themselves are not concerned with Mortal lives during this conflict and so feels that they need to protect the people.

He has gathered to his side a large number of like-minded Scions to help him.
They have taken on the identities of the Knights in part to inspire the populace as the war with the Titans becomes more open and to shepard that legend for use.

After seeing the bands actions in stopping a dangerous issue – he offered them an offical place in the group – oh and he chastised Ambrose too for not being straight with the heroes.


After meeting Merlin and working together for a time the two reasoned that by portraying the returned king they could bind themselves and the legend together to increase their power. Arthur idealistically wants to unite Britain into an anti-Titan powerhouse that would eclipse the various pantheons and create a supernation that weilded legend as a weapon.

Nathan Kingsley

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