Evgenia Pallas

Scion of Athena, Yvain of the Round Table


Evgenia was sent to investigate the group of Scions at the same time that the Band was.

Her attempts to infiltrate were less than effective though and was rumbled early on.

Nathan Kingsley however convinced her that they were doing a good thing and with the technical support of her mother she has been assisting them ever since.

She was not able to make contact with the PC’s before they worked out the truth but has contacted them to say she will help them when needed.

Evgenia has been tasked with using her powers over the health purview to bring aid to disaster scenes. She arrives at disaster areas – sometimes the scenes of titanspawn attacks – and heals and helps people under the guise of a doctor or paramedic. She interacts with the people at the scene but never appears at the hospital.

Already rumours are spreading amongst emergency services of a miraculous healer saving people and giving them time to survive until they can be got to a hospital.

Evgenia Pallas

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