The Boy who keeps falling to Earth


The son of Daedalus, it seems he somehow survived his fall from the heavens thousands of years ago and existed in a half life within the Labyrinth for the last few thousand years.

Burned, broken and scarred but not dying Icarus has gone insane over the millenia. He managed to have a group of minotaurs and his brother, Laryx, under his thrall.

During a midair fight, Leo tore his wings from his shoulders sending him plummeting to the earth for a second time.
Even then he still seemed to survive despite his horrific injuries to send his minotaurs to the surface after them.

Leo plucked him into the air and planted him into the side of a building at high speed.
He still is alive despite severe physical trauma.
He also seems completely beyond reason now.
He just keeps screaming.

He is currently in the custody of Ambrose Milan



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