Matthew Bedwyn

Scion of Ptah


A scion of Ptah, Matthew has taken on the identity of Bedivere of the Round Table.

He has been assigned to work with the Police Force under the command of Vladimir Spears


A Scion police officer that the band met in Coventry whilst battling Lindwurms.

Mathew and Jacob managed to kill the giant Wurm that was rampaging through Coventry.

Afterwards Matthew revealed to them that he was a scion of the Egyptian God Ptah and was part of a group that was hunting titanspawn.

He promised that he would send someone to the band to explain thing further to them.

He also has a pair of Egyptian Khopesh swords.

He was spotted again amongst the troops that Vladimir Spears led to reinforce Leo and Manny at the Labyrinth.

Back in the real world

Matthew Bedwyn

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