Manny's guide


(Guide 3)

A Guide assigned to Manny upon his visitation

Nobody is sure if this is the same shark that munched on Manny before his visitation – and Requinella sure isn’t telling.


When the first slaveships sailed from Africa – the sheer overcrowding on the ships meant that deaths were inevitable. The crews of these vessels dealt with the disposal of these unfortunates by tipping them over the side. Eventually the ships would end up being followed by schools of sharks that tore apart those who had died or were dying that were dumped unceremoniously over the side.

The fear of being thrown to this fate manifested in the loa-spirit of Requinella.

Unsuprising cold and brutal, Requinella is a loyal servant of Agwe and opposed to the titanspawn.
Agwe claims that her and her sharks would rather have been eating the crews throwing the slaves overboard as they would have made a better meal.

She is particularly interested in eating the crew of ships over the passengers. Perhaps she has been sated on the meat of slaves and other unfortuantes and has gotten more fussy over time.

She can also take human form – however she doesn’t seem to like it much.


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