Slain Scion Band

A band of Scions that keep being found dead


This band appears ot have consisted of the following:

One afro-carribbean woman who was found dead in the house at Seahaven. She was probably the Loa Scion that Manny had been asked to help.
Ah well…

One caucasian man also found dead in the house at Seahaven. He had been wearing the broken harness of a Daedalus Device like Manny’s.

Eric Donner, identified by his wallet. He was found dead in the old tin mine, presumably killed in the battle with the nearby also dead “giant toothy frog with two heads” as Manny put it.
He had been carrying a giant handgun, that Jacob nearly kicked into a crevasse by mistake.

Dr Tigrillo, his body had been found recently by Kane’s group and they had tracked his movements to the old tin mine where they met Jacob and Manny.

Two more members were encountered at Stonehenge – Kane seemed to have been torturing them.
They seem to have been killed in resulting chaos that followed.


Slain Scion Band

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