Vladimir Spears

Scion of Heimdall, Lancelot of the Table


Vladimir is a scion of Heimdall that has taken on the identity of Lancelot of the Round Table.

He is in charge of defensive operations againts Titan threats and as such has assigned his team to integrate themselves into the military and Emergency Services to bolster them as much as possible especially when fighting mythological level foes.

So far this tactic is working with only the incident in Coventry esalating out of control.

He has requested that the PCs be assigned to him as he thinks they are “ballsy bastards”

Scions under his command
Evgenia Pallas
Gregory Charlemagne
Matthew Bedwyn


Vladimir is the only scion capable of holding his own in a fight against Nathan Kingsley
Indeed this is how the two of them met – a misunderstanding over what had been attacking a remote socttish village had let them to fight each other for two hours to a standstill.

They have been comrades since then – when Ambrose and Nathan came up with their plan to assume the roles of the knights of the round table he was reluctant as he thought it was stupid but has since relented and admits it has quite the effect on the morale of the mortals they have been working with.


Vladimir Spears

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