The story so far

So you are the children of the Gods, some of you are taking this better than others it seems.
Leo is slowly coming out of denial
Jacob is plotting vengeance against his mother
Manny just seems to be enjoying himself

Beyond their acknowledgement of your birthright they have been fairly tight-lipped so far.
All they have asked you to do is to investigate a group of people who are not what they appear.
This is unhelpfully cryptic of them – but that is the problem with powerful deity figures – they just don’t have the common touch.

You each seem to have supernatural guidance:
Leo has a book that seems to turn up in odd places and opens on entries that help at the right time
Jacob has a smart-arse Geordie wolf that likes beer
And Manny… well nobody has talked to him yet.

Upon returning to the real world (Leo was convinced he was still on a drug trip at this point)
a nearby builing exploded unleashing large “snakey-worm things” including a really large one.
After rampaging through the civilians and attacking a number of Leo’s nearby friends – Leo and Manny attacked them whilst Jacob sped off after the larger specimen that seemed to have a figure hanging on for dear life

Manny proceeded to shish kebab and go berserker on the snakes slaying several.
Leo meanwhile discovered powers of flight that he used to save his friends and slay a pair of the creatures.

Whilst this was going on Jacob ‘boarded’ the snake like it was an out-of-control train and with help from the other man slay the larger specimen

Upon arrival of the police at the scene where they proceeded to gun down the remaining worms – Jacob and Manny discovered the other man was a Scion of the Egyptian God Geb named Matthew Bedwyn(and also a police officer)
After taking a few souvenirs from their fight the trio decided to head to a strip club to unwind with Bedwyn promising he would send someone to explain things.

Not long after their arrival Leo inadvertantly kicked his latent godly charms into gear and soon found himself in a small private ‘party’ upstairs.
Jacob and Manny meanwhile were met by a man called Ambrose Milan,he introduced himself as a fellow Scion. After some initial distrust Ambrose proceeded to tell them about the Titans and the War the Gods had dragged them into.
He said that he was part of a group that had grown tired of the God’s ineffectual attempts to protect the World from the ravages of the TitanWar and had decided to fight back in their own way.
He asked if the PC’s wanted to help and Jacob mistrustful of his divine parent felt that they were a more trustworthy group than their parents.

Jacob eventually got bored of waiting for Leo to come back down and sent Shiranui to fetch him.

Unsurprisingly the sudden appearance of a large supernatural wolf in the middle of Leo’s fun totally ruined his party. After lots of screaming and running had abated Leo wandered back downstairs and was filled in on what was happening.

Ambrose asked the PC’s if they would be willing to help out and demonstrate their abilities. The PC’s agreed and Ambrose led them outside to a waiting military helicopter.

They flew to an oil rig in the North Sea Piper Zion Oil Rig
Contact had been lost with it and the Coast Guard vessel sent to investigate. It was apparently in an area know to have Titanspawn activity and so the PC’s were tasked with investigating.

Upon arrival they found it initially deserted. Whilst Jacob and Leo ventured inside Manny and his guide Requinella dived down into the sea to try to find the lost vessel.

Within the rig sea water had lightly flooded the place and bodies were floating within, likewise MAnny found the Costguard ship sunk and the crew dead within. After further investigation the bodies were animated corpses under the control of strange fish/toad-like creatures.

Leo and Jacob fought through the rig and blew up a helicopter within the hangar to kill a group of them – liewise Manny fought off a number of corpses and swam back up to the surface pursued by a swarm of toadfish things.

Jacob rigged the gas pressure in the rig to overload and explode whilst they readied themselves for a stand on the helipad whilst awaiting evacuation.
However judicious use of a crane, momentum and a sword was able to thin the swarm quite effectively – driving the remnants into the sea where Requinella ate her fill of fishymantoads.

Manny and Leo then dived down to the sea bed where they discovered the nest of the mantoadfish things that looked like they had been awakened by the Rig’s drilling. Within they found a number of unhatched eggs that they opted to leave – but snatched up a number of odd looking trinkets and such that had been hoarded.

The team were evacuated with minutes to spare before the rig exploded.

End of Act 1

The story so far

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