The story so far Act 2

After the rig incident the trio split up and neither Leo nor Manny knew where Jacob had gone. He had been assigned to a different mission by Ambrose

Leo returned to University and stashed a purloined assault rifle in his room at University.
He then went to find his friends to show off his newfound powers, after five minutes of showboating displays of flying and aquatic antics he realised that the police were on their way. He grabbed Carol and flew off to the roof of a nearby high-rise.

After Carol proved to be less than impressed with Leo disappearing when their friends were in danger and his apparent lack of concern for there wellbeing she proceeded to give him a piece of her mind.
Not expecting this to happen Leo flew off in a sulk leaving her stranded on the building’s roof.

He then tried to return to his room but found the police all over it – he decided to take sanctuary on Manny’s boat.

With no further options they decided to pay Ambrose a visit at an engineering firm in Devon – after agreeing to take care of Leo’s trouble he asked them to investigate some disappearances in a maize maze in Buckinghamshire

After learning through divine intution that several people had been attacked or killed they stumbled across a tunnel in the ground that led eventually into the Labyrinth.

The place itself was a non-Euclidean nightmare that shouldn’t have been possible.
After wandering around it for abit they were approached by a man named Laryx who begged their help in freeing some of his fellow prisoners – these turned out to be Minotaurs.
Whilst debating if they would help them escape they were attacked by Icarus, still alive and horribly disfigured and insane.

Conflict arose between the Scions and Icarus and the Minotaurs. Leo wrested Icarus’s wings from him mid-flight and gave them to Manny so the two could escape back to the surface.
Pursued top-side the two fought with the Minotaurs until Leo was able to incapacitate Laryx and capture Icarus.
Manny was then able to intimidate the Minotaurs, who were fearful of the wings that Manny now possessed into feeling back from where they came.

Leo and Manny exhaustedly held their ground until reinforcements sent by Ambrose were able to arrive and pursued the Minotaurs back to the Labyrinth.

A few days after this Jacob and Manny met up in a seaside pub to discuss the fact that Leo had just been sucked up by a freak tornado.
They were joined by Requinella in human form who told them that Manny’s father Agwe would like them to look into the disappearance of one of his relatives and her friends. Assuming that they were talking about Scions the two of them went off to investigate in the town of Seahaven.

Meanwhile Requinella took Manny’s boat on a joyride.

On finding the house where they had been staying Jacob decided the element of surprise was in order. He intimodated the elderly neighbour of the demi-detached house to leave and then crashed through from the neighbouring house.
Manny just went in the back door.

After finding two dead scions clues led them to an abandoned tin mine nearby.
There they found the body of another scion and a dead giant killer frog with two mouths of sharp teeth.

It looked like something had been taken from the frog’s lair.

Upon leaving they met some scions from a different group who were also looking into the deaths of scions. They had encountered this band before and had found another one dead and tracked his last location to this cave.

It transpired that the leader of this group, one Kane Taoka, is technically Jacob’s half-brother as they have the same divine parent. It seems he does not like her either.
After a bit of mutual brooding which must run int he family, Manny and Jacob found the source of th enext clue – the surviving members had fled to Stonehenge.

The story so far Act 2

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