End of the first season

Leo was summoned to his father’s presence at the centre of a storm to learn his path and his abilities.

In the meantime Jacob and Manny were approached by the Loa Requinella to look for a band of Scions that had gone missing in the area.
Jacob and Manny travelled to the seaside town of Seahaven, Cornwall; their last known location. After gaining location to a house they had been using they found the bodies of two slain scions, evidence showed that they had recently been to an abandoned tin mine.

Upon journeying to the mine they found the body of another Scion as well as the body of a giant toad-like creature. It seemed that battle had been joined and something had been retrieved from the cave.

On exiting the cave, the pair encountered three other scions, led by Jacob’s half brother Kane Taoka. They had also been looking into the deaths of this band having found the body of another member of this group. They agreed to share information before parting ways – but not before Jacob and his brother butted heads.

Following one of the leads given to them by this group they left for Stonehenge.

On the way there a localised Tornado returned Leo back to the fold.

When they reached Stonehenge they were greeted by panicking people fleeing the site. Apparently an attack was underway – creeping inside they found many bodies and could hear the screams of somebody being tortured in the stone circle.

Upon investigating they found Jacob’s brother Kane and what appeared to be a band of scions under his command. He also had several beings composed entirely of shadow aiding them.

After Leo drew several of the shadow creatures away with a distraction, Manny and Jacob snuck into the Stone circle for a closer look. After a short recon they then attacked them.
A scion in Greek hoplite armour and another one wearing a cowboy hat fought them.

As the combat proceeded Kane finished interrogating his subject and flipped over one of the smaller stones at the henge. He pulled something off the ground which looked like a black cloak and put it on.

A pillar of sunlight proceeded to erupt out of him and Jacob could hear his mother’s screams amongst this chaos.

They deduced that somehow Kane was stealing the power of Ametarasu

As the pillar flared it was slowly being occluded by tendrils of darkness. Then as if this was not enough a gigantic norse ship erupted out of the ground and a horde of norse dead surged forth intent on the pillar of light and any that stood in their path.

Flares of energy peeled off the pillar incinerating parts of the horde. Chaos erupted as both groups of scions fell back before the onslaught.

The dead tore through and killed the few scions that were down or disabled.

The undead horde tried to overwhelm the pillar through sheer numbers. Jacob fought his way through the blazing pillar using the powers of the sun in such concentration to heal himself as quickly as he was injured. Meanwhile Manny and Leo convinced the other scions to a truce to deal with the leagues of the dead.

Jacob broke through to the centre of the pillar moments before the dead overwhelmed it and rammed his sword through Kane’s throat. He then yanked the cloak from his shoulders.

In a moment the light was gone and Kane was dying of his sword wound at his brother’s hand.

Presuming to use the artifact Jacob draped around himself but he could not get it to activate.
As he stood facing the horde they parted to let a figure through their midst.

He said he was Siavash Priyam and the cloak was the property of his mother Hel. Mistrusting this figure Jacob tried to throw the cloak to Leo to make an escape but Siavash threw his sword through the air pinning it to the side of one of the great stones.

Before anyone could react Leo tugged on it and the delicate artifact shredded into many pieces.

Deprived of his prize Siavash departed taking the ship with him leaving the heroes staring down a horde of the undead.

Retreating to the tops of the standing stones the band received reinforcements from Ambrose Milan in the form of miltary reinforcements and a large band of scions, some familiar some unknown.

After the bulk of the horde was fended off Ambrose introduced the Band to his leader Nathan Kingsley who was leading the group as a returned Knights of the Round Table.

He told them that they had done impressive deeds and offered them membership in his group.

End of the first season

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